Free Cabin Litter Box, Color: Gray

$450 saved $52

Tom Cat Free Cabin Hooded Cat Litter Box provides a spacious yet private place for cats to do their business, features a unique front-entry and top-entry design that helps eliminate tracking and prevents over-the-edge litter spills, making it excellent for cats who love to dig and kick litter. Comes with a charcoal filter which helps reduce odors.
- Top-entry & front-entry
- Collapsible for easy storage
- Openable swivel lid for easy clean up
- Hooded type lid prevents litter scatter
- Made from durable, high-quality, easy to clean plastic
Product Dimensions : 54.9 cm L x 42 cm W x 49.2 cm H (21.6 inches L x 16.5 inches W x 19.4 inches H)
What is Tomcat Free Cabin Litter Box?

How to Set up your Tomcat Free Cabin Litter Box ?

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