Bugsy's Treats

Fish Slithers Wild Caught Fish Strips, 80g


Bugsy's Treats 香港品牌、澳洲製造,全天然健康功能小食

Fish Slithers 鯖魚腩
- Australian wild caught Grey Mackerel belly
- Not farmed fish so they are not fed with grains, wheat or genetically modified fish feed
- This species of fish is naturally oily so omega oil content is very high
- Belly is the part where they store most omega oils
- Absolutely no preservatives or any nasties
- 100% all natural
- Fish are caught using Australian government approved environmentally sustainable practices
- Single source protein, high in calcium and omega oils
- 澳洲野生捕獲灰鯖魚肚
- 不是養殖的魚類,因此它們沒有餵飼過穀物,小麥或轉基因的飼料
- 這種魚類是天然油性的,所以含大量奧米加油
- 魚肚是存儲大量奧米加油的部分
- 絕對不含防腐劑或任何不良品
- 100%純天然
- 魚是在澳洲政府批准的環境可持續性捕撈之魚類
- 含單源蛋白,高鈣和奧米加油



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