Dr. Billinghurst's BARF - Frozen

Feline Raw BARF - Turkey, 115g x12


Turkey, Chicken, Beef and/or Pork and/or Lamb (includes meat, finely ground bones and offal), Carrots, Apples, Yoghurt, Salmon frames, Dehydrated Kelp, plus other assorted seasonal vegetables and /or fruits
Typical Analysis

Crude Protein (as fed)14%
Crude fat (as fed)13%
Fibre (DM)2%
Salt (Dm)1%
Calcium (Dm)2%
Phosphorus (DM)1.2%

Turkey meat contains a high level of essential amino acids for strong muscles and healthy cells, including tryptophan, precursor for serotonin (the ‘happy hormone’) and immune strengthener.  It is low GI, to help stabilise insulin levels after eating. Turkey fat contains DHA omega 3 fatty acid, which helps support healthy nerve function.
Doctor B’s Turkey Recipe BARF is complete and balanced for all life stages. As an anti-inflammatory white meat, it is suitable for cats with inflammatory or degenerative conditions. The high energy content is ideal for growing kittens and lactating queens.

Good for:

- active cats, growing kittens and lactating queens
- inflammatory conditions
Not so good for:
- cats requiring a restricted calorie or low fat diet (e.g weight loss)



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