Pet Naturals of Vermont

Dogs Scoot Bars for Anal Gland Health Chews, 30 Bars


Active Ingredients per Bar :
Proprietary Pumpkin Blend 2800mg

(Larch tree extract, digestion resistant maltodextrin and pumpkin powder)

Inactive Ingredients :
Brewers yeast, canola oil, citric acid, glycerin, ground oat groats, ground rye groats, mixed tocopherols, natural duck flavor, oat meal, propionic acid, rosemary extract, silicon dioxide, sorbic acid, soy lecithin, vegetable oil.

Stop the scoot and spare your rugs with these fiber packed, delicious Pet Naturals of Vermont Scoot Bars!

Pet Naturals of Vermont Scoot Bars are a fiber product created to support proper fecal volume and maintain healthy anal gland function in your dog. They also have the additional benefits of immune, digestive and colonic support.

Pet Naturals of Vermont Scoot Bars offer three quality sources of fiber:
- Larch tree extract to promote the production of beneficial bacteria
- Digestion resistant maltodextrin, a soluble fiber that supports fecal quality and regularity
- Pumpkin powder, a well-known source of fiber

Plus, Pet Naturals of Vermont Scoot Bars are all natural and easy for your pet to digest.

Finding fiber that is gentle on your pet’s GI tract is important when adding fiber to his diet. Break the smelly cycle and give him relief with Pet Naturals of Vermont Scoot Bars delicious duck-flavored chews!

Providing digestive and colonic support is important to your dog’s overall health because constipation, anal sac overload or infrequent bowel movements can contribute not only to anal gland agitation but also irritation of the skin or ears.

Stopping the scoot and saving the rug is simple with Pet Naturals of Vermont Scoot Bars!

Directions for Use : 
Give 1 chewable bar per 20 lbs daily 


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