Dental Hard Cottage Cheese Chew, 100g x 4


35% dairy products, rice, organic-glycerine (from coconut oil), rapeseedoil, coconut oil
Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein39.1%
Crude Ash 2.89%
Crude Fat6.4%
Crude Fiber0.4g / 100g

46 kcal/Cracker

Is your dog is small and nibbles like? Then hard cheese bone between the paws is just the perfect choice. After hours of snacking, they are ready for the next day. Valuable building ingredients and high-quality protein are healthy and delicious. 
- bone hard with extra cheese and rice
- ideal for active dogs
- rare source of protein
- healthy teeth and gums
- neutralizes the mouth flora, antibacterial
- remineralizes damaged tooth enamel
- free of gluten, lactose, sugar and additives


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