Dental Cheese & Carob Snackies Treats, 65g


Dairy products (20% cottage cheese), buckwheat (no grain), carob, organic cocnut oil, rapeseed oil, organic coconut oil.
Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 29.7%
Crude Ash 3.36%
Crude Fat4.9%
Crude Fiber5.7%

Toothbrush and chocolate at the same time – the cottage cheese neutralizes the bacteria and the fruity delicious taste makes it the perfect piece of dog chocolate – no hazardous ingredients and with happy makers.

- The fruity and sweet taste of carob
- Harmonizes the digestive system
- Grain free with buckwheat
- Healthy teeth and gums
- Neutralizes the mouth flora, antibacterial
- Remineralizes damaged tooth enamel
- Free of grain, lactose and additives
Feeding Recommendations
1-2 treats in the evening as bed time sweets brush teeth. Please provide water. Supplementary feed for dogs.


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