(Disc) Dehydrated Chicken & Pumpkin, 2.85oz

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Dehydrated Meals
A complete and balanced meal for dogs in a easy to serve bar format. Tucker's took their 95/5 raw food formulas, shaped them into bars, and dehydrated them. These bars have no preservatives and are individually vacuum sealed for freshness, Just  peel and feed to your pet.
How to Feed :
Feed product as is or re-hydrate in water for 5 mins. Always provide supervision and fresh water in clean container.
Feeding Guidelines :
1 package per 25lbs of body weight daily. Divide daily amount into multiple feedings. A dog's needs will vary according to age, activity level, and environment. 
*Tucker's CARNIBAR is formulate to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog food nutrient profiles for All Life Stage.

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