Almo Nature

Cuisine Pack Tuna & Lobster, 55g


Tuna & Sole Fillet
Tuna fillet (40%), Tuna Stock, Sole Fillet (5.5%), Rice 
Tuna Fillet & Seaweed
Tuna Fillet (59%), Tuna broth, Rice, Seaweed 0.3%
Chicken Fillet & Cheese
Chicken Fillet (48%), Chicken Broth, Cheese (5%), Rice  
Chicken Fillet & Surimi
Chicken Fillet (48%), Chicken Broth, Surimi (4.1%), Rice 

Almo nature cat food contains only premium ingredients of human - grade quality with its exquisite sole and tuna recipes. Freshly caught fish from the sea along with real meat from free-range farms , no hormones or antibiotics are used. No chemical additives or coloring. This delicious pouch retain all the nutrients and great taste.
The Wet recipes, prepared with the best white meat, red meat, fish and vegetables, are preserved in their geletinised broth; in addition to the selection of mouth-watering ingredients, making them ideal to satisfy even the most demanding palates.
- 100% pure ingredients
- 45-60% meat or fish content
- Naturally rich in vitamins and proteins
- All the benefits of natural wet food : natural hydration and noble nutrients
- Free from chemical additives, preservatives, palatants or colorants
- Gluten free meal
- Convenient single serving one pouch is one meal
*Almo Nature chooses to use as pet food in this recipe, meats and rice that originally came from human food chain 

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein9-16%
Crude Fiber0.1-0.2%
Crude Oils & Fats0.3-1%
Ash 1-3%
Metabolizable Energy430-860 Kcal



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