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Catch Me if You Can Beef Tendon & Tumeric Weight : 60g

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Bugsy's Treats 

Catch Me if You Can 牛筋、牛肝、牛心、薑黄
- Freeze dried beef tendon, beef liver, beef heart, and turmeric
- Rich in protein and glucosamine. Great source of collagen for the joints, ligaments and skin
- Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties
- Perfect for the active dog or dogs with hip problems
- Grain Free
- 凍乾牛筋,牛肝,牛心臟和薑黃
- 含有豐富的蛋白質和葡萄糖胺。含有關節, 韌帶, 和皮膚所需的膠原蛋白
- 薑黃具有抗炎特性
- 適合活躍的犬隻或有髖關節問題的犬隻

Beef Turmeric

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