Dr. Billinghurst's BARF - Frozen

Canine Raw BARF Combo, 2.72kg x 12


Chicken and/or Beef and/or Pork and/or Lamb (includes meat, finely ground bones and offal), Carrots, Apples, Salmon Frames, Yoghurt, Whole Eggs, Spinach and/or Silverbeet, Oranges, Cabbage, Alfalfa, Dehydrated Kelp, Flaxseed, Celery, Garlic, plus other assorted seasonal vegetables and /or fruits

Typical Analysis

Crude protein (as fed)14%
Crude Fat (as fed)10%
Fibre (DM)3%
Salt (DM)1%
Calcium (DM)1.7%
Phosphorus (DM)1.1%

Doctor B’s Combo Recipe BARF is a great all-round food for dogs as it contains a wide range of protein sources (chicken, lamb, beef and pork), making it the ideal ‘flavour’ to purchase where the desire or requirement is to feed only one flavour.
It is complete and balanced for all life stages. It is a moderate energy recipe, with slightly lower fat than our high energy varieties, making it an excellent choice for less active dogs, to prevent weight gain, and for large or giant breed puppies in their high growth phase, where their growth rate needs to be controlled to prevent skeletal problems. 

Good for:
all life stages, especially growing large breed pups
- less active animals

Not so good for:
- very high energy needs e.g. lactation


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