Animals make us better people
They teach us mindfulness. Remind us to be compassionate. Show us the importance of having fun. They open our hearts and more importantly animals connects us human to one another without barriers.

We LOVE what we do
We feel blessed to be part of so many furry friend’s lives and we take our job seriously! We study every product to make sure they are free from harmful ingredients, safe to play with and are wholesome to nibble. By partnering with likeminded suppliers, we make sure products are made with love, handled with care and stored properly en route to you.

We LOVE Our Community
Aside from animals, we care deeply about our community too. What we do or how we do things matters to us.

  • Whiskers N Paws is the first pet store to host regular adoption events since 2008.
  • 1800+ puppies and 900+ cats homed.
  • 2+ football fields in size of meals and supplies donated to shelters across HK.
  • Everyday is adoption day at Whiskers N Paws.
  • All proceeds from our self-dog wash goes back to the community.

We are thankful every day that we are given an opportunity to do what we do.