Our Dream…is to connect millions of people through the love of animals in Hong Kong and beyond!

“We work as a team to unite likeminded people to leave a positive paw print in places we go and people we encounter.”
- Vada Chung, Founder

We are proud to be the first pet shop in Hong Kong to not only host regular adoption events but to build in-store adoption stations to connect homeless puppies and kittens with loving parents.

We stand tall to know that all proceeds from our self-dog wash go back into our community work.

We are thankful that customers, vets, restaurants, shops and suppliers have joined hands to make our annual event, Operation Santa Paws, successful in delivering food, beds, toys and supplies to animals shelters around Hong Kong.

We are grateful to be given the chance to work with so many dedicated and amazing leaders and volunteers in animal and children non-profits.