Will You Take Me Home?

Meet Fate
Fate , Male

Hello! We are a litter of 4 healthy, energetic and happy kittens and I'm the only boy! I'm super friendly and sociable, and I love cuddlesss and purrsss! Will you come visit me? I promise I won't hide!

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Meet Fern
Fern , Female

Hello hooman! I heard you're looking for a playful feline company? Look no further, I'm here to play all day long with you! They said good things come in pairs, will you also bring home one of my siblings?

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Meet Fable
Fable , Female

I just turned 2 months old but I'm already a great explorer! I love my adventures on the cat trees and enjoy tasting different types of treats! Take me and my sister with you, we will for sure bring you double happiness!

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Meet Fairy
Fairy, Female

Meowww! Care to take home a feline partner in crime to join your team? I'm healthy and friendly enough to be part of it! Come meet your teammate today! P.S. Can I take one of my sisters or my brother with me?

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Meet Santa Paws
Santa Paws , Male

Hi there, I’m Santa Paws! I’m a low maintenance kind of guy, I’m a good eater as you can probably see by my size. I have a healthy shiny coat, which is a good reason for you to stroke me! To know me is to love me - come and see for yourself.

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Meet Charlie & Lola
Charlie & Lola, Female

We are your perfect lap cats! Some think we are sisters, but we are really just best friends! Inseparable since 3 years ago, we have been super close as kittens.

If you are looking for twice the fun and joy, we will provide lots of cuddles and purrr-ing!

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