Will You Take Me Home?

Meet Jagger
Jagger, Male

Final call for an incredibly sweet and friendly feline parnter! Want to know how adorable and playful am I? Come see for yourself human, don't be shy!

Adopt Me
Meet Jerry
Jerry, Male

Hello I'm a ginger tabby kitten with big yellow eyes who luvvv your cuddles! I'm ready to meowww your heart humans, would you take me with you?

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Meet Harley
Harley, Male

At 8 weeks old, my brother Houdini and I are champion playmates! We love to pounce and chase. Will you be our human playmate?

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Meet Gia
Gia, Female

I was staying with my mama and 2 brothers in a foster family and am now ready for a home of my own! My favourite hobby is to observe the world down below on my cat tree! If you want a calm kitten. I'm here for you!

Meet Gomez
Gomez, Male

My mama raised me and my siblings up in foster and we are all healthy and up to date now! Did I mention I have different eye colours? One blue and one yellow - I'm sure you'll be mesmerized! Will you be my human?

Meet Janis
Janis, Female

I'm a brave ginger girl! I play a lot with my brothers and jump around the cat towers like an athlete!

Meet Flora
Flora, Female

I'm the mama cat of 2 boys and 1 girl. I was in a foster family while I raised my litter of newborn kittens. My 2 months old children and I are ready to go home! Will you let us join your family?

Meet Gustavo
Gustavo, Male

I just turned 2 months old and am a great feline team player! My brother Gonzales and I love playing with cat wands all day long! Guess who's a better hunter? Come play and see!

Meet Hershey
Hershey, Male

I got my name Hershey because I'm the sweetest! I love to be cuddled and petted and be with humans all the time. I wish to go home with my brother, will you make my dreams come true?

Meet Horlick
Horlick, Male

I'm adorably sweet with handsome stripes and I'm such a brave boy who loves to explore! Will you take me with you for our next adventure?

Meet Houdini
Houdini, Male

I love to play and jump around with my brother Harley! Humans at WNP said they fell in love with my mixed colours paws, come see how adorable I am!

Meet Follie & Fancy
Follie & Fancy, Female

Hello we’re Follie and Fancy! We’re incredibly sweet and friendly, and we love to play with our kitty friends. If you’re looking for double joy and double cuteness, look no further because we’re here for you!

Meet Fate
Fate , Male

Hello! We are a litter of 4 healthy, energetic and happy kittens and I'm the only boy! I'm super friendly and sociable, and I love cuddlesss and purrsss! Will you come visit me? I promise I won't hide!

Meet Fern
Fern , Female

Hello hooman! I heard you're looking for a playful feline company? Look no further, I'm here to play all day long with you! They said good things come in pairs, will you also bring home one of my siblings?

Meet Fable
Fable , Female

I just turned 2 months old but I'm already a great explorer! I love my adventures on the cat trees and enjoy tasting different types of treats! Take me and my sister with you, we will for sure bring you double happiness!

Meet Fairy
Fairy, Female

Meowww! Care to take home a feline partner in crime to join your team? I'm healthy and friendly enough to be part of it! Come meet your teammate today! P.S. Can I take one of my sisters or my brother with me?

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