Smart Cat Kitty's Garden (Oats, Wheat, Rye & Barley)

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Oats, wheat, Rye and Barley In An Attractive Wood Planter

Like people, cats need vegetables in their diet to aid in digestion and to provide balanced nutrition. Kitty’s Garden supplies your cat with the tasty green grass that it craves, and gives cats a safe alternative to nibbling on your houseplants, which can be potentially toxic to them if swallowed. All you do to serve your cat is place Kitty’s Garden near their food dish or in some other place they’ll find it.

*Please note seeds come in one bag that you disperse into the four compartments.

Features and Benefits

- Oats, Wheat, Rye and Barley
- Grows in 4 to 6 days
- Aids with digestion
- Helps prevent hairballs
- Helps prevent ingestion of potentially toxic houseplants
- Sturdy wood frame keeps your cat from knocking it over

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Kitty’s Garden Growing Instructions:

1. Pour 3 ounces of warm water onto each peat pellet in the growing compartments. Note: Make sure there is one peat pellet in each compartment.

2. Wait 10 minutes to absorb the water. Add more water as needed.

3.Remove about 1 teaspoon of soil from each pellet and set aside

4.Pour seeds from bag and disperse evenly into all compartments.

5.Using the soil that you set aside in step 3 cover the seeds and lightly pack down.

6.Add water if necessary to keep soil and seeds moist.  Drain any excess water from the bottom tray.

7.Do not allow the seeds to dry out. Lightly mist your garden daily to keep the seeds moist.

8.Keep in a location that is between 65-70° F. – Some seeds will sprout faster than others.

9.When the grasses are 3” – 4” tall, you can treat your kitty to its garden!

Pioneer Pet

How it all began…………..

Early on Betsy began gathering wooden fence posts from her farm in Wisconsin. She wrapped them in sisal rope and mounted them on sturdy wood bases. Her sole purpose of making these posts was to send them to pet parents who needed help with scratching behaviors. People were amazed to learn that the scratching post solved their problems. These posts became vastly popular and soon Betsy was making up to 50 a month by hand.

Betsy decided that she wanted to start a company whose sole mission was to enhance our pets’ quality of life, by providing for their behavioral needs. She especially wanted to detour pet parents from declawing their cats, as it is a cruel procedure. With a lot of persuasion she finally convinced her husband, John, to manufacture a larger version of her homemade scratching post. The result was our flagship product, the Ultimate Scratching Post. Thus SmartCat® began.

From there the rest is history. In 2009 our company branched out to become Pioneer Pet Products®. We did so to extend our quality designs and construction into a wider range of products. In 2012 we acquired the brand Sticky Paws®. Sticky Paws® is a tactile tape that detours cats from scratching unwanted surfaces, and keeping them out of harmful house plants. Sticky Paws® fits right into the Pioneer Pet® brand. It helps cat owners to tame behaviors in the home without taking away their natural instincts.


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