Grilled Hamster & Cheese Catnip Toy

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Grilled Hamster and Cheese Size : 4.5"

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A little something for everyone's playful palate. Fuzzu toys are the perfect nosh, even for the most persnickety critic. Cooked up with just the right balance of drool-inducing organic catnip and tail-twitching crunch, your cat will no doubt become a satisfied customer in short order. 


Extra pickles, hold the mayo...This over stuffed sammie is fully loaded! Stacked with organic free-range hamsters, irresistible catnip and a whole lot 'a crunch. Mmm Mmm, whisker-lickin' good. 


Non-toxic printed poly fabric with felt accents, fiberfill, and organic catnip. 


Cats and dogs have certain passions. Some you'd rather not share with them. But play... now that'ssomething we can all get behind! And theyre here to help. 

At FUZZU, they're an experienced hard-nosed team designing for playful, wet-nosed customers. Their own lives are guided by our furry best friends, who know exactly what they like! And we follow their lead. 

Welcome to FUZZU... for pets & you. 


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