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Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea + Tick is a natural insect repellent designed to keep your pet safe from fleas, ticks, mosquitos and flies.

This repellent is available in a convenient spray bottle - just spray the treatment on every couple of days! Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea + Tick is formulated with natural ingredients such as lemongrass, cinnamon, sesame and Costor oils to protect your pet and provide a pleasant smell.

- Designed to protect your pet from fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitos
- Easy to use spray bottle application
- Features ingredients such as lemongrass, cinnamon, sesame and Castor oil
- Safe for use on dogs and cats
- Made in the USA

Provide your pet some relief from pests with Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea & Tick spray! 

Pet Naturals of Vermont

Innovation leads the way for Pet Naturals of Vermont, a company that was founded in 2005 and continues to develop supplements that are safe and effective. Using evidence-based science, they create formulas that taste like a delicious treat to your pet, and also provide functional benefits. Powerful ingredients are combined to deliver natural alternatives to drug or chemical therapies so your pets can live healthy lives with all the support they need.

Veterinarian-Formulated Supplements

Pet Naturals of Vermont supplements are veterinarian formulated with pure, potent ingredients to support your dog's best health. They're more like treats for your pup, with a bone shape and delicious flavors that will tempt any canine. These natural supplements help dogs stay well the natural way, without overpowering medications or fillers like wheat, corn or artificial ingredients.




Active Ingredients

Lemongrass Oil  4%
Cinnamon Oil 1%
Sesame Oil 1%
Castor Oil 0.5%


Inert Ingredients

Purified Water 93.3%
VItamin E 0.2%




Directions for Use:
Please read all directions carefully before application.

Spray generously on fur, including legs and stomach and then work into the coat if necessary. Depending on the thickness, type, and length of fur, the spray may require additional rubbing to get the product through the entire coat. Avoid contact with mucus membranes by covering the animal’s nose, mouth and eyes when applying near the animals head. Use a cloth or our handy pre-soaked FLEA + TICK wipes to apply the product on the animals face. Reapply every 2 ‒ 3 days or as needed before the animal goes outside. Reapply whenever the animal is thoroughly wet. Safe for daily use, if desired.

Avoid soaking the animal with the spray. Safe for use on puppies and kittens. Keep cap on bottle when not in use. This spray can also be used on the pet’s bedding and grooming tools. This formula is designed to be non-staining, but we recommend testing it on fabric or other surfaces before use.


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