Feline Dental Flakes Cheese & Rice Superfoods

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Free of Gluten | Sugar | Lactose

The naturally antibacterial effect is reducing the oral bacteria. No more bad breath and clean teeth. More effective than feed topping is the licking as dessert. Cheese reduces 80% bacteria and puts a film on the teeth. The bacteria can not cling to the teeth anymore are smooth, white and healthy.

Natural tryptophan is an important amino acid for cats supports serotonin formation for well-being. But also all other amino acids are included and support the amino acid profile of the feed meat.

- Dissolves Tartar
- All Natural Vitamins & Minerals
- Makes Cats Happy (serotonin formation)
- No Calorie counting (10 kcal/tsp)

Also suitable for : allergics, diabetics, kidney insufficiency, diet

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 Cottage Cheese Rice  Rapeseed Oil   Coconut Oil


½ teaspoon in the evening as a dessert for licking pure - moistened - with cottage cheese, coconut oil etc. In case of mouth problems increase the proportion. As a feed topping the effect is less.


The QChefs Story | All the experts said : "it won't work, never!"

Anke Domaske, a young, blonde girl who knew nothing about it. As her stepfather who was sick of cancer, she was looking for free materials.The microbiologist researched for 5 years tirelessly, developed
3000 recipes and a spinning process for natural fibers with the world’s smallest CO2 footprint.
These are like silk fibers, can be composted and are made of renewable raw materials.

For this, she was awarded the NASA Award and GreenTec award among others.

During her research, she discovered the health-promoting

Properties of milk proteins and finds out that
Cheese is 80% of caries bacteria reduced.
So this is how the QCHEFS cheese bone and many other products, resulted
Which are good for people and the environment.




Dairy products (35% cottage cheese), rice, organic glycerine from coconut oil, rapeseed oil, organic coconut oil

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein  39.1%
Crude Ash 2.89%
Crude Fat  6.4%
Crude Fiber 0.4%


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