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Decode Dog Language

Can you decode Dog language? We wish we did, so we can finally know what our furry kids are trying to tell or show us! Dogs are always communicating with us through their body language and energy but it can be confusing for us sometimes. Thankfully, we can learn how to read and understand them better. Expert trainer, Grace Wang, shares tips on the how’s and the why’s. 

Event Details
16 Mar - English session **FULL**
30 Mar - Cantonese session
Time: 3pm (90 mins)
Venue: Whiskers N Paws
Fee: $180/pax*
*All proceeds go toward a charity of your choice – HKDR, LAP, HK Guide Dogs Association, Animals Asia
Join us:

你聽得懂狗狗說話嗎?我們當然希望可以明白狗狗心中所想。其實狗狗一直以身體語言和我們溝通,只是我們未必懂得分辨。如果你也想學習了解狗狗的身體語言,明白牠們更多,歡迎來參加由資深狗隻訓練員Grace Wang舉辦的工作坊。


3月16日 – 英文班 **名額已滿**
3月30日 – 廣東話班
時間:下午3時開始 (90分鐘)
地點:Whiskers N Paws