Stool, Color: White

$560 saved $62

Playing and Sleeping spot

- Seagrass scratching post
- High-quality MDF with walnut-look laminate finish
- Memory-foam cushion
- Sisal scratching mat
- Easy to clean and individually replaceable parts
Dimensions : 46.5 x 37 x 37 cm
Weight : 14.7lbs

Playing and Sleeping spot
The rattan ball toy is great for playing and chewing, while the sturdy seagrass post helps your cat keep its claws in tip-top shape.

High-quality materials
The Vesper Stool is made of high-quality MDF with scratch-resistant surface.

Memory foam cushion
The memory foam inside the soft cushion molds exactly to the body shape of your cat, providing your beloved feline with extra comfort. 

Rugged scratching mat
The Vesper scratching mats are made out of high-quality sisal for a great scratching experience. In addition, the mats have been bordered to prevent fraying.

Easy to clean, with individual replacement parts
The cushions and scratching mats can easily be removed for cleaning. Both the cushions and the mats are hand-washable. Replacement parts are available in case any part of your scratcher gets worn out.

All-natural scratching post
The scratching post is made out of sturdy seagrass, which provides your cat with the best scratching material. The post is easily replaceable.

Rattan ball toy
The Vesper Stool comes with a ball toy to entertain your feline. The ball itself is made of rattan, a natural material that is safe for your cat to chew on. The toy clicks into place with a safety closure so your cat cannot get itself hurt.


How do I assemble my Vesper Stool?



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