Piccolo Cane

Carino II Pet Stroller Color : Grey

  • Outside dimensions: W60 × D86 × H102cm
  • Outer dimensions (folding / independent): W60 × D30 × H86cm
  • Carry cot size: W34 × D60 × H23cm (H52cm including sunshade cover)
  • Gross weight: 8.7kg (carry cot: 2.7kg)
  • Load capacity: 20kg

Carino 2-4

Comfortable and stable running with durable 4 wheel type wheels.
-As it is four wheels, stable running is possible. No need to inflate and the durable wheels make it easy for your important family to go comfortably safely and happily.
Carino 2-6
The Handle can be used at your preferred height.
- The handle can be adjusted in 5 stages according to your height, so it can be used comfortably.
Carino 2-7
The frame can also be folded for compact storage.
- The frame can also be folded, and it can be replaced on its own in a folded state, so there is no problem with the storage location.

- Carry cot that can be easily removed 
- With sunshade cover that can be opened and closed with a fastener 
- Bi-fold frame that can be folded compactly 
- Can be used either front or facing 
- Can be self- supported in a folded state 
- With suspension to absorb shock 
- 5 Stage adjustable handle 

- Uses high-quality fabric with mat 
- With 2 lead hooks to prevent popping out


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