Les poochs

Male Creme Rinse Conditioner, 8oz

$180 saved $15

Combining state-of- the-art time-release technology with ancient botanical extract therapy

They developed a luxurious formula that nourishes skin and coats. Pooch Micro-Encapsulated Crème Rinse contains the calming natural extracts of Royal Jelly, Sea Kelp, Evening Primrose, Apricot and Swiss Chamomile, along with silk proteins and Pro-Vitamin B5. This custom blend heals skin ailments and improves manageability, sheen and texture.

Directions :

- Pour the crème rinse along Pooch’s back and work into the coat
- Brush through any matts with the Les Poochs brush which fits your dog’s coat type
- Rinse

Developed in the south of France by chemists and elite pet industry professionals, Les Poochs shampoos, crème rinses, and bathing products are made from the finest ingredients around the world.

Royal Jelly, Sea Kelp, Vitamin B5, Apricot, Swiss Chamomile, Evening Primrose, Vitamin E, Watermelon, Silk

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