Vario 6 - Heavy Duty Leash w/ Standard Clips, Color: Red


The Vario 6 really earns the title of a Multi-Function Dog Leash - With six functions built into one leash, it really is the most versatile dog lead available on the market. Both soft and durable, the Vario 6 has been built to last and will help stop your hands getting scraped whenever your dog runs or tugs at the leash. 
The Vario 6 works as both a single and a double dog leash. If you would like to run with your four-legged friend, it even works as a Hands Free Leash. Finally, the leash can be used as a short or a long tether if you want to tie your dogs down for a short time. 
- Length of leash 159cm (5ft 3in) 

- Multiple functions in a single leash
- Double webbing thickness for extra stranght
- Heavy duty plastic D-Rings
- Works as both a single dog leash and a double dog leash
- Works as a Hands Free leash
- Soft yet extremely strong and durable
- Standard Vario 6 multi-funtion leash fits dogs 40lbs and over (1"wide)
Vario 6 leash 



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