Bugsy's Treats

Hip Hop Kangaroo Liver & Milk Thistle, 100g


Bugsy's Treats 香港品牌、澳洲製造,全天然健康功能小食
Hip Hop Liver 袋鼠肝、筋、乳薊
- Australian kangaroo liver, jerky and milk thistle
- Great source of novel protein, non GMO product
- No hormones or antibiotics
- Milk thistle contains silymarin and silybin, antioxidants that are known to help protect the liver from toxins
- Help detox the body resulting in a healthier dog
- Absolutely no preservatives or any nasties
- 100% all natural
- Good source of protein, essential fats and vitamin A enriched with detoxification properties
- 澳洲袋鼠肝,肉乾和奶薊
- 含有良好的新型蛋白質,非轉基因產品
- 沒有激素或抗生素
- 奶薊含有水飛薊素和水飛薊賓,抗氧化劑是有助於保護肝臟免受毒素
- 幫助身體排毒,使犬隻更健康
- 絕對不含防腐劑或任何不良品
- 100%純天然
- 含有良好的蛋白質,必需脂肪和富有解毒特性的維生素A


 Dehydrated Kangaroo LiverInfused with Milk Thistle 


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