Dog Trainer - Grace Wang

Training your dog or perhaps you're a new dog pawrent? Join us for a fireside chat with expert trainer, Grace Wang at our first Mini Pro Series event! Grace has had hands on training with several renowned US trainers and eventually started her own career of bespoke dog training and consulting. Her teaching methods are deeply rooted in theoretical behavioural training coupled with a strong understanding of canine instincts.

你是新手狗狗家長嗎?訓練狗狗時不知所措?今個星期六參加我們首個Mini Pro Series工作坊,狗狗訓練專家Grace Wang將與大家分享訓練的技巧和心得。Grace曾跟隨幾位美國著名狗隻訓練員接受培訓,她的教學方法植根於狗隻行為訓練的理論,配合對狗狗本能的理解,為每個主人度身定造適合狗狗的訓練課程。

19 Jan 2019, 3pm (English Session 英語) 
16 Feb 2019, 3pm (Cantonese Session 廣東話) 
Fee: $180 *

*100% fee go toward helping dogs in need at the charity of your choice