How Chinese herbs do good to our canine friends? Come ask Joanne, the lawyer turned Founder of Bugsy’s Treats, a local brand of 100% hand crafted, natural and organic dog treats with added Chinese herbs. Joanne is going to tell you about her secret recipe and inspiring entrepreneurial story.

知唔知道中藥對狗狗有咩好處呢?嚟問吓Bugsy’s Treats嘅創辦人Joanne啦,Bugsy’s係一個100%天然、有機、全手工製造嘅本地狗狗零食品牌,仲特別添加咗中藥成份。除咗介紹有益健康嘅零食外,Joanne仲會同大家分享點解佢會由一位律師轉為製作狗狗零食呢。

8 April (Sunday) | 4月8日 (星期日)
3-5pm | 下午3點至5點
Whiskers N Paws, Horizon Plaza 10/F, Ap Lei Chau
鴨脷洲新海怡廣場10樓Whiskers N Paws